Avoid These Foods to Lose Weight Fast By Trainer Marcelo

Processed products, junk food, and the large variety of sugary items that exist in the market might increase your waistline. To avoid weight gain, it is recommended that you stay away from foods with excess saturated fats, sugar, or sodium. Start minimizing the following foods from your diet:



Just the patty alone of a regular sized hamburger has over 200 calories.  If on top of this you add mayonnaise, a bun, a side of French fries, plus a sugary beverage, you could easily consume over 1000 calories along with high amounts of saturated fat. If you are craving a hamburger, try a lower-fat burger alternative such as grilled chicken or lean ground turkey or beef with a low-fat sauce. You can also ask for a salad as a companion and drink just water.



One thin crust slice of veggie pizza has around 250 calories; if you add extra meat toppings and cheese, again, you could easily consume over 1000 calories in a single meal.   To eat a healthier pizza chose a variety of low fat cheeses, vegetable toppings and a thin crust.  Ask for a salad on the side and drink just water to avoid adding additional calories.


French fries

One order of medium size fries can add almost 500 calories to your body. Potatoes have the tendency to absorb liquids, so when you fry them they can collect a lot of oil. This extra oil is unhealthy for you. This fat contributes to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. A healthier option would be to enjoy baked fries.


Hot Dogs

This type of food is high in sodium and fat, which adds many calories to your body and no nutrients. If you are craving for this kind of food, remember that moderation is the key to avoid gaining weight.


Ice Cream

Sugar is addictive, and this is the base for ice cream. If you add toppings that are usually offered with ice cream, your calorie count can easily get out of control.   Eating just one scoop of ice cream will not be that bad, but who has the discipline to eat just one scoop. Once again, remember that moderation is the key to avoid gaining weight!


Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is high in sugar and doesn’t have any nutrients; calories from these types of foods and beverages are called “empty calories”. If you want to lose weight fast, you must minimize alcohol from your diet. A mixed drink could range from 70 to 300 calories, depending on what kind of added ingredients and alcohol is used. If you do not drink, do not start, but if you do, wine tends to have fewer calories than mixed drinks. As we always say… moderation is the key to avoid gaining weight!

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