Benefits of Using Coach the World to Influence Your Life

At Coach The World, we know you want the best when it comes to your personal and professional development. And we know from experience that online coaching and mentoring is a meaningful, cost-effective way to meet your goals and improve your quality of life.



Using an online platform is a great way to knock out all the excuses and barriers that stand in the way of working with a traditional coach.


You work with them on your own schedule, from wherever is best for you. You no longer have to say “I don’t have time for coaching”, because you choose your sessions (and can complete them in the environment where you do your best, most focused work).


You still get one-on-one access. Because we’re an interactive video platform, you can still have the same personal interaction you need from your coach, and customized, practical strategies to help you on your path to transformation.


You save money. Many coaches may offer face-to-face meetings, but they will very likely cost you more. (On the other hand, coaches offering remote sessions likely have fewer overhead costs, and are able to pass their savings on to their clients.) Not to mention the additional time and monetary costs of commuting back and forth to each session.

Your program can be flexible. Face-to-face coaching is often 3, 6, or nine months per package. Online coaching is more flexible. Whether you need one intensive, or a coaching package, you have more freedom to build a program that helps you reach your goals and better aligns with your budget.


The world is your oyster. Online coaching platforms like Coach the World offer searchable databases where you can browse courses and coaching packages from business and lifestyle coaches the world over. That means—rather than sticking to one coach for every situation—you can find an expert in any field where you need support.

We have no doubt that working with online coaches will help you excel in any field, without the added financial burdens and stressors of being locked-in to face-to-face coaching.