Rapidly Grow Your Business: Win Government Contracts

The U.S. Government in 2017 U.S. spent $3.98 trillion. Each year, it spends $500 billion each year on contracts of which $142 billion is for Professional Services. U.S. government uses contracts to buy the things it needs, from office furniture to airplanes and services ranging from internet to research and development. You can increase your chance of winning a government contract by researching the federal marketplace. SBUs3, LLC  has over 50-years of experience working with the federal government. Our services include but are not limited to
(1) Finding contracts
(2) Marketing to government
(3) Handling protests
(4) Locating partners to collaborate with on contracts.
Contracts are used to purchase goods and services. Vendors who want to sell to the government must create & maintain account profiles in the system that includes: (1) DUNS Number
(2) CAGE Code & (3) MPIN Number (optional).
Vendors can view details of contracting opportunities on the FBO where Federal agencies and their sub-agencies are responsible for issuing contracts and categorizing the goods and services they purchase using Product and Service Codes.  Contact Darrell Smith at DSmith@SBUs3.com. References:https://datalab.usaspending.gov/contract-explorer.html ; AND https://www.usaspending.gov/#/



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