The Best Online Coaching Platform – No monthly fee and you choose your rates

We know many people have the passion to empower their coaching practice, but without the right infrastructure, it will be ineffective and will not allow you to not only reach the audience you are targeting, but also will not allow you to present it in the best light possible. In this business, your reputation is everything, therefore you need the perfect tool to make it as easy as possible and show you in the best light possible.

Coach The World gives thought-leading coaches the foundation they need to see meaningful growth in their practice. And we do it all without a signup fee or a monthly charge.

Here’s how we help you meet your practice goals
We help your ideal clients find you: The more targeted your practice to a specific niche customer, the higher their rate of engagement with your services, and therefore, the more customers you will get. (People want coaching specific to their stage in life, their challenges, their needs, etc.)
Our searchable platform helps interested clients from all over the world find the right coach for their investment— and that coach could be you.

Right now, clients are searching CTW for:
• Influencer Secrets
• Life Coaching (relaxation, relationships, lifestyle, and more)
• Business Coaching (sales, marketing, SEO, advertising, etc.)
• Trade Coaching (also known as ‘How To’ coaching. This could include how to do video editing, computer programming, leaning new languages, tutoring for specific school/college courses such as math, history, sciences, etc…)

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We increase your online visibility

Since CTW offers coaching online, people aren’t limited by their geographical location when it comes to finding the perfect coach. Your coaching practice can be seen by more people than ever, instantly.

We offer diverse revenue streams

Whether you want to set up hourly appointments, or provide in-depth coaching sessions, Coach the World can help you share your insights in more targeted ways.

We harness the power of video chat with state of the art technology

Video chat marketing isn’t just the future— it’s the present. More and more businesses are relying on the power of interactive video chat for deeper engagement, higher-quality content, and the building of a more loyal following.

What makes us different?

We give you the capability to share your screen, create a whiteboard that you can write or draw on with people you interact with (and they can write and draw on it as well), and many more great features.

You’re an expert in your field. You have what it takes to share life-changing guidance with clients. You just need an online platform to get your message in front of the world that is easy to setup, easy to use, and feature rich


And that’s where we come in.