How Good Are You In Accepting Yourself?

Have you ever heard the serenity prayer? ‘God, give me the grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.’

Are you tired of how you are feeling and/or perhaps how you look? Are you often feeling depressed? Are you sick of all those annoying perceived imperfections and seeming inadequacies? Are things just not the way you would like them to be? Are others behaving just not the way you would like them to?

Here are a few more questions; are you really hard working at changing circumstance and/or others? Are you really working hard at becoming a new person and are you successfully dumping all you own irritating defects? Do you find it stressful and exhausting?

How are you going anyway? Are you getting anywhere? Are you making any progress after years of dedicated hard work to change yourself and your life? Or have you already given up?

Here’s some news for you: You won’t change! You can’t change! It’s impossible! What you can change is your attitude and your beliefs. 

The only thing you can really change is your acceptance of yourself. How about starting to accept yourself as a unique, one of a kind and imperfect human being living in an imperfect world filled with millions other seeming imperfect people.

The only way out of frustration and depression is to first accept your states of frustration and depression. You can continue to feel depressed, blame, criticise and scream about your shortcomings and imperfections, you will never have the perfect body; the perfect mind, partner, environment or what have you.

Without accepting the current state you are in, no drug or therapy will ever work; sure it might provide a short relief, but the true depth of your being will surely stay obscured and suppressed.

Perfection in this world does not exist! What is perfection anyway? Everything is perfect as it is, NOW! Is it not? What is, is! Because it is! I invite you to open yourself to this statement. Explore what lies beyond ideas and the conceptual mind. Embrace your feelings, fully! Your feelings never lie, they talk to you, they have a message for you.

They reflect your every thought and belief! And your thoughts and beliefs tell a story, your story. Who would you be without your story? Not just another story, but without any story!

What are your attitudes and beliefs reflecting? Are you courages enough to find out, with honesty and without judgement?

Keep in mind that what you resist persist. Resist your perceived seeming imperfections and unhappiness and your conscious and unconscious focus and energies will keep you there, shaping your every experience of more so-called imperfections. Imperfection is just an idea anyway, who says and who determines what is perfect and what is not? 

We can even feel completely lousy, waiting for circumstances to change or a sudden happiness will descend on you some day and everything will change. How long do you want to wait?

What you can do is taking responsibility and be totally aware of your attitudes and beliefs, every moment of your life.

Would you be prepared to laugh at your perceived flaws and focus instead on your inherent wholeness and greatness? Deep inside you do know what I am talking about! Would you be willing to accept yourself just as you are, NOW? It could be a most liberating and transforming experience in your life!

It would also mean that you don’t have to struggle any longer to be someone or something you’re not. Just imagine to be finally free to be you, just as you are, NOW! I encourage you to give up struggle and surrender to ,what is‘. Oh sweet surrender! How would it feel to love yourself just the way you are?

How would you feel if you celebrate life and your uniqueness every day, every minute? How would you feel if you chose to embrace all your seeming faults, warts and failures?

The feeling of feeling good can come only from one place; a place deep inside of you: total self-acceptance. Are you ready to re-discover it?

With freedom to choose self-acceptance comes responsibility. It happens automatically and is extremely empowering. Your joy is there. It never went away. Welcome home!

Love & Light

Rolf: Krahnert


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