Color consultation Interior Design

Too often, people chose a color on a small color swatch, then after they paint the entire wall, they realize that this tone is too strong or that this color is darkening the room. The right way to do it is to experiment with thein the actual space and light of the room. This is done by painting your color samples on big sheets of paper and applying them on your walls in daylight, to see which color responds best to light and your eye, combined with professional advice to choose the best color. This service includes 2 hours consultation with a choice of different colors that I will then pick up myself in order to paint them on large sheets of paper (paint sample price depending on the brand vary around $6). Then, I will come back for another hour consultation, with those big color sheets to apply to your walls and figure out with you what is the best color. This is the right way to do it!

Emilie Verbinnen / EYM Design

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