Video Consultations Now Available

Now Hear This has teamed up with Coach The World to offer online (video) consultation sessions, effective immediately. NHT President Bruce Wawrzyniak announced three different categories in which these offerings are being made, noting that the assistance is not limited to any specific industry.

“While of course the sweet spot for Now Hear This is working with entertainers, authors, and small businesses, I am thrilled to leverage the Coach The World platform to enable that same group plus entrepreneurs, corporate America – anyone that wants to improve their business, their brand, their career – to help provide guidance and actionable takeaways from these sessions,” Wawrzyniak said. “Everyone is overwhelmed by the challenges of hectic schedules, getting professional development, and improving their brand. The ease of use and ability to go one-on-one in a video chat with me – including a Share Screen option – eliminates geographical barriers and makes scheduling convenient to not being limited to Monday – Friday, 9-5.

“This is long overdue,” Wawrzyniak added. “It’s the perfect option to fill the void in between the resource that is the 100-plus tips in the eBook series and going all-in with hiring Now Hear This for full-time management, promotion, and booking. I love the eBooks and they’re a very inexpensive aid, but you can’t talk to them. Yet, at the other end of the spectrum, I understand that some folks just aren’t in a place for a commitment to an ongoing relationship with Now Hear This. So, these online sessions will be the middle ground, the go-to option to get questions answered, get one-on-one counsel, learn techniques to implement, obtain an evaluation from an experienced pro, and thus move the career needle.”

Coach The World CEO Jer Jessi said, “The experience for both the user and the coach on our platform is all-encompassing. Rather than turning people off by requiring them to use different applications – one for scheduling, another for online video, and a third for payment – our infrastructure puts it all under one roof so they only have to go to one place. That gives peace of mind because on Google it’s a jungle. Or, you don’t get an email inquiry responded to. With Coach The World it’s a virtual office, much in the way that we’ve seen shifts to solutions such as Airbnb and Uber.”

Now Hear This is offering sessions that are available in increments of 15, 30, or 60 minutes for each of the following three categories:
• “Better Communications = Better Opportunities” (Helping you with a wide variety of almost anything you write: emails, flyers, your website, brochures, newsletters, blogs, and even social media posts! This even offers the option for live editing during the session.) (See full description – and video – here)
• “Promoting Yourself and Your Brand – On and Offline” (In today’s world it’s not just having a website and social media. Hear about a list of methods to promote and discuss what you are and aren’t doing, what is and isn’t working, and more.) (See full description – and video – here)
• “Web and Social Media – Consultation and Cleanup” (How extensive is or isn’t your online presence? And, what you do have online – how does it look? How is the functionality? How regular are you putting out content?) (See full description – and video – here.)

Book now for a date and time block convenient for you and get live help to get you moving forward. Leverage this resource and benefit from all the years of experience that Wawrzyniak has in communications from serving Now Hear This clients and from his years working nationally and internationally for employers and agencies.

By Bruce Wawrzyniak


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